A Common Passion

Osborne Living combines Osborne and Storey Construction’s common passion: delivering the highest-quality craftsmanship and finishes in architecturally-significant homes. This exclusive relationship provides the resources of a master builder supported by exceptionally-qualified craftsmen, fabricators and subcontractors, management processes that ensure on-time and on-budget completion, and unquestioned financial strength.


These unique strengths enable Osborne Living to surpass all expectations. While our clients are inspired by the artistry of fine architecture, design teams benefit from our twenty-five years of construction expertise.


A Common Path

We understand the quality you aim to achieve. We are a client-oriented and service-driven team inspired by architecturally significant design. Working in support of your architect, we will add value to your team making coordination seamless.


Together, we will travel a common path, with a common goal, in order to create your one-of-a-kind home.





If you have selected your site or are in search of the perfect setting for your home, Osborne Living will, when requested, provide guidance with access, water rights, entitlements, and subsurface conditions of every kind (rock to water), saving you time and money.

The process of design development is a collaborative effort whose goal is to articulate your aesthetic and functional vision. Osborne Living complements your design team by delivering reliable feedback on budget, schedule, and technical solutions providing both Homeowner and Architect with information needed to make confident and timely decisions in alignment with your priorities.

Precision craftsmanship by seasoned artisans with rigorous attention to detail bring your design to life. Experienced care is taken in crafting your home, both the finishes that are enjoyed and the equally important unseen elements such as foundation, framing, and weather envelope. Osborne Living tradesmen and carefully selected subcontractors work with a single purpose: to create a unique, long-lasting dwelling that brings you years of comfort.

Your home may need ongoing care while you’re away, or quick troubleshooting during a home emergency. Whatever your needs, we’ll handle them promptly with thoroughness, efficiency, and your security in mind. Regular inspection and maintenance services are available to provide you peace of mind.

A Common Goal

Whether your new home is a soothing refuge from the world, or a connection to the untamed outdoors and recreational activities, our goal is to craft a place of supreme comfort and pleasure for you to enjoy for generations to come.


Osborne Living is passionate in the pursuit of crafting unique homes with unrelenting precision and attention to detail, to create enduring comfort and luxury, just the way you imagined.


To turn your dream into a reality, please contact:

Gary Storey


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